Health Benefits of Liver Meat
I am almost positive you don't start salivating at the mentioning of the word "liver". But wait, maybe you haven't really had a good liver dish, or perhaps you haven't heard of the amazing health benefits of it. I happen to love liver. I understand it really has to do with my Eastern European upbringing, where liver is a big part of Slavic cuisine. I liked it, I ate it, but never really knew of its properties. Since starting my new paleo way of life, I've learned of all the great health benefits liver provides. Yes, it might look weird, and smell funny, but don't discard it just because of that. In fact, did you know that in some cultures, the organ meats were uniquely preferred over the lean muscle meats, which perhaps were given to the dogs.
Liver is an excellent source of high quality protein, folic acid and iron; contains an abundance of vitamin A, which is crucial for the creation of cells in your eyes, and several B vitamins. Consuming foods rich in iron are beneficial for people who suffer from iron deficiency anemia. Beef liver contains more than 500 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A and chicken livers have more than 300 percent.  Liver is the number one food source of copper; and contains CoQ10, which is important for cardiovascular function. A slice of beef liver contains about 338 mg of phosphorus which your body needs for functions such as the building of bones and teeth and proper waste processing by the kidneys. These nutrients provide the body with certain abilities to get rid of toxins.

Make sure you consume meat and organ meats from animals that have been raised in fresh pastures without hormones or antibiotics. I've been buying my liver at Whole Foods. It's already all prepped and ready to go. The best part about it - IT IS CHEAP. Less than $3 a pound. Not bad! So if you've never really tried liver before, don't be afraid to give it a try. Make sure not to overcook liver to avoid tough meat. Just remember how good it is for you!

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