UNZA researcher attributes increase in cancer in Zambia to consumption of foods that contain soya
 From Lusaka Times

A researcher from the University of Zambia School of agricultural sciences has attributed the increase in breast and cervical cancers in Zambia to consumption of foods that contain soya.

The researcher has further disclosed that soya foods are leading to the development of other non communicable diseases such as leukemia, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Martin Sampa made the revelation on Friday when he appeared before the parliamentary committee on health, community development and social welfare which is looking at breast, cervical cancer and diabetes in Zambia.

Mr. Sampa fears that soya which has become part of the ‘health diet’ for most Zambians is found in off-shelf foods such as mealie meal, biscuits, instant soups, margarines, cooking oils and bread from the groceries and supermarkets yet the product is toxic.

He has submitted to the Dr Brian Chituwo led committee that Soya is listed in the poisonous plant database, among other foodstuffs that cause tumors and hormone disruption.

Mr. Sampa regrets that Soya is being portrayed as the ultimate health food and has become omnipresent in the country’s diet presumably to overcome protein deficiency.

He has advised government to quickly come up with a policy review at the highest level on the continued inclusion of what he termed as “toxic food in Zambian foods and diets.”

Mr. Sampa who has tabled before the committee most imported foods which contain soya states that countries such as Israel, France and Britain have advised their citizens against feeding children with soya.

And commitee chairperson Brian Chituwo says the information presented by the researcher is vital in establishing why cancers have become common in Zambia.

With the coming in office of the PF, Government has put more emphasis to fight cancer.

First lady Dr Christine Kaseba has been pioneering the fight against cancer.


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