Since it's been all about coconut for me lately, I've decided to maximize and expand my coconut oil horizons. It's actually a win win situation for me because it's a cost saving multi purpose tasker in one jar. And since I love the smell of coconut, it's usage on my skin is also very pleasant. And did you know that Lauric acid is a major component (49%) of Coconut oil which gives it antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties? It also has some antioxidant properties.

So here are some ways that I've used coconut oil:

  • I guess the number one way of using coconut oil for me is adding it in my daily smoothies. Since virgin coconut oil can be used as a natural medicine to fight a cold, flu or viral fever, I use it daily as a preventive measure to strengthen my immune system, or if i feel like I am coming down with something, I take 2-3 tablespoons along with meals. I has definitely been working for me; I haven't really been sick in 2 years now.
  • Due to it's high smoke point, cooking with coconut oil is safe at high temperatures. I've substituted coconut oil in a lot of my cooking especially a lot of the breakfast dishes since it gives that a somewhat sweet coconut aftertaste. I also like using it in my roasted dishes (especially with sweet potatoes).  
  • You can also massage coconut oil into your body which can help in fighting the common cold or flu. 
  • Shaving my legs. It gives a lot of moisture to my skin. My skin feels really smooth and shiny afterwards. 
  • Taking my eye makeup off. It is incredibly useful for me since I use waterproof eyeliner. It removes my eye makeup easily without any damage to my skin; I don't have to rub it in too hard like with other products.
  • I use coconut oil on my knees and elbows. These are the areas of dry skin, and I've honestly seen the improvement. It doesn't look as flaky and dry.
  • Using it as a deep conditioning hair treatment. According to several studies, coconut oil is better able to penetrate the hair than mineral oil. You can do this natural hair mask once a week or couple of times a week, just make sure you rinse it off really good. It took me couple of practice tries to nail down the method. The first time I applied coconut oil to my hair, I didn't rinse it off well enough. So, after blow drying my hair it looked like I used a whole bottle of gel on my hair, or like I hadn't washed my hair in months. You can also leave the treatment overnight for better results.
  • Using it as a facial moisturizer. It has really worked for me, but I don't think it would be helpful for people with oily skin.
So as you see there are many ways to utilize coconut oil without spending a lot of money.

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